GO Portfolio Roadmap Tool Download

The GO portfolio roadmap is a goal-oriented roadmap designed to help you manage a group of related products. Goals such as user acquisition, activation or retention are the central part of the roadmap. This shifts the conversation from debating features to agreeing on strategic objectives, making smart investment decisions, and aligning different stakeholders. The GO portfolio roadmap is ideal to coordinate the development and launch of young, growing products and to identify and manage dependencies between.


You can learn more about using the GO Portfolio Roadmap by attending Roman’s Product Planning Strategy and Roadmap course. The course teaches you tips and tricks to apply the roadmap successfully, and it shows you how the roadmap relates to your vision and product strategy and the business model.

Please contact Roman for onsite delivery of the course, for bespoke portfolio roadmap workshops, and for a virtual roadmap training course.


Roman’s book Strategize: Product Strategy and Product Roadmap Practices for the Digital Age features the GO Portfolio Roadmap and provides more information on portfolio management. Buy the book on Amazon.


The GO Portfolio Roadmap introduces the tool and explains how to use it.

Working with the GO Product Roadmap discusses how to apply the GO roadmap effectively.

Goals vs. Features: How to Choose the Right Product Roadmap Format. The article explains when a goal-oriented roadmap and when a feature-based one is more helpful.

Agile Product Planning: Vision, Strategy, and Tactics shows where the GO product roadmap sits within a systematic agile product planning approach.