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The GO Product Roadmap

Unlike traditional, feature-based product roadmaps, the GO Product Roadmap is goal-oriented (hence the name). Its goals describe outcomes or benefits such as user acquisition, activation, and retention, which form the backbone of the plan. This shifts the conversation from debating features to creating value, making smart investment decisions, and aligning stakeholders and development teams.

🔥 The GO Product Roadmap now comes with a handy checklist to help you effectively apply the tool!

The GO Product Roadmap with Checklist

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You can learn more about working with the GO product roadmap by attending Roman’s Product Strategy and Roadmap training course. You will learn how to build an effective goal-oriented, outcome-based roadmap that is connected to the product strategy and product roadmap, supported by the stakeholders and dev teams, as regularly reviewed and updated.

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Roman’s book Strategize: Product Strategy and Product Roadmap Practices for the Digital Age features the GO product roadmap, and it provides more information on how to effectively work with product roadmaps.

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The following video provides an introduction to the GO product roadmap.


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