How to Lead in Product Management

Practices to Align Stakeholders, Guide Development Teams, and Create Value Together

Reading this book will help you become a better and inspiring product leader. Benefitting from Roman’s extensive experience, you will learn how to align stakeholders and guide development teams even in challenging circumstances, avoid common leadership mistakes, and grow as an individual and leader.

Written in an engaging and easily accessible style, it offers a wealth of practical tips and strategies. Through helpful examples, the book illustrates how you can directly apply the techniques to your work.

The book is available as a paperback and Kindle on Amazon, as an ebook on Google Play Books and on Apple Books, and as an audiobook on Audible. It has also been translated into 🇩🇪 German.

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What You'll Learn

  • Choose the right leadership style.
  • Cultivate empathy, build trust, and influence others.
  • Increase your authority and empower others.
  • Direct stakeholders and development teams through common goals.
  • Make decisions that people will support and follow through.
  • Successfully resolve disputes and conflicts even with senior stakeholders.
  • Listen deeply to discover and address hidden needs and interests.
  • Practise mindfulness and embrace a growth mindset to develop as a leader.

Praise for the Book

Roman has done it again, delivering a practical book for the product management community that appeals to both heart and mind. How to Lead in Product Management is packed with concise, direct, and practical advice that addresses the deeper, personal aspects of the product leadership. Roman’s book shares wisdom on topics including goals, healthy interactions with stakeholders, handling conflict, effective conversations, decision-making, having a growth mindset, and self-care. It is a must read for both new and experienced product people.

− Ellen Gottesdiener, Product Coach at EBG Consulting and author of "Discover to Deliver"

Being a great product manager is tough. It requires domain knowledge, industry knowledge, technical skills, but also the skills to lead and inspire a team. Roman Pichler’s How to Lead in Product Management is the best book I’ve read for equipping product managers to lead their teams.

− Mike Cohn, Author of "Succeeding with Agile", "Agile Estimating and Planning", and "User Stories Applied"

This is the book that has been missing for product people. Roman has created another masterpiece, a fast read with lots of value. It’s a must read for every aspiring product manager.

− Magnus Billgren, CEO of Tolpagorni Product Management

This book is for everyone who manages a product or drives important business decisions. Roman lays out the key challenges of product leadership and shows us ways of thoughtfully working with team members, stakeholders, partners, and the inevitable conflicts.

− Rich Mironov, CEO of Mironov Consulting and "Smokejumper" Head of Product

Simply another must-read masterpiece by Roman Pichler.

− Claude Hanhart VP, Agile Coach at Bank of America

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