Product Leadership Skills

Being a successful product manager or product owner requires strong leadership: You have to direct and guide the stakeholders and development team without having the authority to tell people what to do.

Attending this workshop will increase your leadership skills, and help you become an inclusive and inspiring product leader. You will learn how to build strong relationships with powerful stakeholders, skilfully deal with difficult people, and achieve firm support for your decisions.

Due to COVID-19, all product leadership workshops will take place as live, online classes in the coming months. Fortunately, Roman is very experienced in teaching engaging, interactive online training courses. Here is the feedback from the participants in Roman’s last public online class:

  • The online delivery of the course was excellent. I was concerned that it may not quite give the same interaction with the trainer, but it absolutely did. Roman used the online tools extremely well. Tom Brian, Product Owner
  • It was great not having to travel for a course for a change! Despite being online, I still felt that we got the same out of it as if we had we been all in the same room. I really like Roman’s on-the-fly PowerPoint presentation. Kristina Underwood, Product Owner
  • I was initially concerned about this being an online only event, however Roman’s presenting and the overall organisation meant that this was a very engaging event. Andrew Halstead, Product Owner

Upcoming Classes

May 12, 9:00 am - May 13, 4:30 pm London, United Kingdom

15 Hatfields, London SE1 8DJ

November 10, 9:00 am - November 11, 4:30 pm London, United Kingdom

15Hatfields, South Bank, London SE1 8DJ, UK



Choose the Right Leadership Approach

Understand your leadership preferences and adopt the most effective leadership style in your context.

Create an inspiring vision and align the stakeholders and development team through shared goals.

Succeed in Having Difficult Conversations

Listen actively and build mutual trust and understanding.

Speak clearly and empathetically even in difficult situations.

Manage Challenging Stakeholders

Skilfully resolve conflicts with powerful stakeholders.

Understand people’s emotions, interests, and unmet needs.

Secure Strong Buy-in and Negotiate Successfully

Choose the right decision-making approach, leverage the expertise of others, and create strong support.

Employ the right negotiation strategy and develop mutually agreeable solutions.

Lead Agile Teams in the Right Way

Provide the right leadership to cross-functional, self-organising teams.

Effectively collaborate with the development team and ScrumMaster / agile coach.

Turn Setbacks and Failure into Learning and Growth

Understand why failing is hard but unavoidable in product management.

Learn how to develop a growth mindset and create a fail-safe environment.

Strengthen Product Leadership in the Organisation

Choose the right product roles, responsibilities, skills, and career paths.

Establish an effective product management function in your organisation.


An inspiring course that allowed me to think more strategically on how to lead teams in a large and complex organisation. I am taking away some great techniques to try out.

− Mark Sheldon, Product Manager, Digital Cabinet Office

I’ve learnt new techniques for defining shared goals and making effective decisions. The exercises were very useful and engaging. Thank you!

− Elizabeth Coles, Head of Product, Win Technologies

This course was really great. I’ve taken some product and leadership training courses but I still learned a lot and got plenty out of Roman’s course. Lots of value!

− David Haynes, Digital Product Manager, Beer Hawk



Product managers, product owners, product executives, and others in charge of digital products or product teams. Please note that this course teaches leadership and people skills. It assumes that you already have an understanding of important product management concepts and techniques, and that you are familiar with an agile framework like Scrum.

Prep Work

To benefit as much as possible from the course, we recommend that you prepare by reading the following articles:


You can pay by credit card or by invoice. If you have any questions, please contact


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The training course is taught as an instructor-led workshop with an appropriate mix of lecture, discussion and hands-on exercises. The training materials are developed by Roman and are exclusively used by him. We aim to limit the number of attendees to 20.


The leadership workshop is taught in English in the UK and in German in Germany.

Is this course right for you?

This course is aimed at product managers, product owners, product executives, and others in charge of digital products or product teams. It assumes that you already have an understanding of key product management concepts and techniques.

If you are not sure if the course is right for you, take Roman’s Product Management Test or contact him.

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