Product Leadership Training

Successfully Manage Stakeholders, Build High-Performing Product Teams, and Become an Inspiring Product Leader

Level up your product leadership skills! This training course teaches you how to successfully manage stakeholders, build high-performing product teams, and become an inspiring product leader. You will learn proven product leadership techniques and tools that you can immediately apply to increase your influence and authority, achieve greater alignment by setting the right goals, securing strong buy-in to product decisions, and successfully dealing with challenging people.

The training is ideally suited for people who want to get better at leading others and take on a senior product role. Inspired by Roman’s book How to Lead in Product Management, the training course teaches his latest insights together with new content, tools, and techniques.

Roman delivers this course as an engaging, instructor-led workshop. He uses a mix of lectures, discussions, hands-on exercises, and plenty of Q&A. This allows you to get your questions answered by him and benefit from his decade-long experience in working with product leaders. You will also have the opportunity to transfer theory into practice during the course and apply selected techniques and tools to your specific leadership challenges.

Please see below for a detailed agenda and student testimonials. You can find out more about Roman’s training approach, payment options, class size, and discounts by visiting the Training FAQs.

If you would like this course to be taught for your company or if you have any questions related to the course, please get in touch.

Upcoming Classes

November 12, 2024 13:00 - 18:00

November 13, 2024 13:00 - 18:00

November 14, 2024 13:00 - 17:30

Online , Time zone: GMT / UTC (GMT+0)

Ticket price: £1,100-£1,250 (plus VAT)


Increasing Your Influence and Strengthen Your Authority

Understand how emergent and assigned leadership applies to different product roles.

Learn how to effectively influence people and encourage change using the Behavioural Change Stairway model.

Become aware of the empowerment level you and the product team members currently have and learn how you can increase your authority.

Applying the Right Leadership Styles

Understand common leadership behaviours with their strengths and weaknesses.

Become aware of your preferred leadership style.

Learn how to select the right leadership approach for a given situation.

Building High-Performing Product Teams

Staff the team with the right people and organise the team around a product.

Choose the right level of empowerment and autonomy for the team.

Drive innovation and creativity in your team.

Learn how psychological safety and stable team composition influence team dynamics and motivation.

Effectively Engaging the Stakeholders

Determine the key stakeholders and perform a stakeholder analysis for your product.

Involve the key stakeholders and form an extended product team.

Establish a continued and close stakeholder collaboration by involving the individuals in the right decisions.

Setting the Right Goals and Aligning Stakeholders and Teams

Set the right outcomes using Roman’s goal-setting framework.

Effectively capture goals using the product vision, product strategy, and product roadmap.

Understand how OKRs can be effectively used in product management.

Determine if your current goal-setting approach including the goals you use is effective and how it can be improved.

Making Effective Decisions and Securing Strong Support

Learn how decision rules help you make effective decisions and when each rule is best used.

Understand when and how to involve stakeholders and dev team members in decisions, when to decide on your own, and when to delegate.

Use the right decision-making process to develop an inclusive decision.

Avoid common decision-making traps including design by committee and HIPPO.

Succeeding in Having Difficult Conversations and Giving Effective Feedback

Reflect on your listening habits using Covey’s listening levels.

Learn how to strengthen your capacity to deeply listen and improve your ability to understand people’s interests and needs.

Understand how you can offer constructive feedback and effectively address performance issues using Roman’s feedback framework.

Learn how to effectively say no even to powerful, senior stakeholders.

Effectively Dealing with Challenging People and Resolving Conflict

Understand common but ineffective ways of how people and organisations deal with conflict.

Learn how to resolve conflict with Non-violent Communication (NVC).

Improve your ability to deal with difficult stakeholders and team members.

Successfully Working as a Head of Product

Understand the responsibilities of the role, which is also known as Director of Product Management, VP of Product, or Chief Product Officer.

Know the skills required to succeed as the head of product.

Learn how to form an effective product management team.

Understand common product roles, desirable skills, and career progression.


An inspiring course that allowed me to think more strategically on how to lead teams in a large and complex organisation. I am taking away some great techniques to try out.

− Mark Sheldon, Product Manager, Digital Cabinet Office

Incredibly helpful especially for someone who was parachuted into the Chief Product Officer role.

− Jackie Carter, CPO at Change and Digital Innovation (CDi), Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service

This course was really great. I’ve taken some product and leadership training courses but I still learned a lot and got plenty out of Roman’s course. Lots of value!

− David Haynes, Digital Product Manager, Beer Hawk

Great workshop, enjoyable delivery, great learnings.

− Nick Falkowski, Product Lead at Bionic

Great course, thorough, and meaningful!

− John Myatt, Lead Product Owner at PRS for Music

Prep Work

The attendees are asked to prepare for the training using one of the following three options:

Option 1 📖 🎧: Read the chapters “Introduction,” “Goals,” and “Decision-Making” in Roman’s book How to Lead in Product Management, or listen to the audiobook.

Option 2 📄 🎧: Read the articles How to Choose the Right Product Management Leadership Styles, Leading Through Shared GoalsMaking Effective Product Decisions, and Leading without Being the Boss, or listen to them on Roman’s podcast.

Option 3 🎥: Watch the videos Use the Right Product Leadership Styles, How to Set the Right Goals in Product Management, Make Better Product Decisions with Decision Rules, and How to Lead in Product Management when You’re NOT the Boss.

More Information

Please visit the Training FAQs for more information on payment by invoice, discounts, class format and size, refund policy, and other training-related topics.

Is this Course Right for You?

This course is aimed at product managers, product owners, and product executives, like the head of product and director of product management, who want to get better at leading others. It focuses on the “soft” skills that are crucial to succeed in product management. If you are unsure if the course is right for you, please contact Roman.

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