Videos of Selected Talks

If you’d like to check out more videos from Roman, then head on over to his YouTube channel for more Product Management insights.

Agile Product Roadmaps

Online talk at Product Elevation in January 2022

Length: 39:17

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OKRs in Product Management

Online talk at ProductTank Stockholm in May 2021

Length: 21:41

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How to Lead in Product Management: Dealing with Difficult Stakeholders

Talk at INDUSTRY Europe Dublin in March 2020

Length: 23:21

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Building a Product Users Want

Keynote from Agile Prague 2018

Length: 47:49

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Video Tutorials

Product Vision Board

Introduction to the Product Vision Board with tips for capturing a compelling vision and effective product strategy.

Length: 6:59

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GO Product Roadmap

Introduction to the GO Product Roadmap with tips for creating an actionable, goal-oriented roadmap.

Length: 5:04

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Product Canvas

Introduction to Roman’s Product Canvas with tips for creating UX-rich products.

Length: 14:56

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Persona Template

Introduction to the Roman’s persona template with tips for creating effective user models.

Length: 14:57

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