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Should Product Roadmaps Have Dates?

Whether product roadmaps should have dates has attracted much debate in product management. In this video, I explain when dates are useful and when they are not, so you can decide what's right for your product.

Length: 5:32

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Use the Right Product Leadership Styles

Leadership styles describe common leadership approaches like being a visionary, coaching, or commanding leader. In this video, I explain how you can effectively apply leadership styles and successfully lead in product management.

Length: 7:37

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10 Product Strategy Mistakes to Avoid

The product strategy truly is an important product management artefact. But despite its significance, it is often poorly applied. In this video, I discuss 10 common strategy mistakes to help you avoid them, use the product strategy effectively, and offer a successful product.

Length: 10:37

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How to Set The Right Goals in Product Management

Getting everyone moving in the same direction is crucial to achieving product success. Unfortunately, aligning stakeholders and development teams can feel like herding cats. Luckily, there is a solution: Setting the right goals and determining the right outcomes allows you to align people. In this video, I explain how you can do this using the goal-setting framework I have developed.

Length: 7:19

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How to Choose the Right KPIs

Learn how to use the key performance indicators (KPIs) that tell you how much value your product really creates.

Length: 6:47

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Make Better Product Decisions with Decision Rules

Making effective product decisions can be hard. Luckily, there is help: In this video, I share five common decision rules, and I explain when you should use them to make the right product decisions and secure the buy-in from stakeholders and development team members.

Length: 5:32

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How to Lead in Product Management when You're NOT the Boss

As a product manager or product owner, you have a rewarding but challenging job. One of the challenges you face is leading stakeholders, development teams, and other product people without being their boss, without being able to tell them what to do. In this video, I explain how you can overcome this challenge, and I share five tips to help you effectively guide the individuals.

Length: 5:59

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What Should a Head of Product Do?

The head of product plays a crucial part in helping product managers and product owners develop as well as establishing a successful product management organisation. Unfortunately, I find that the role is not always effectively applied. In this video, I address this issue and I explain what a head of product should really do.

Length: 4:34

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My Top 3 Product Backlog Tips

The product backlog is a simple tool that can be super helpful to develop a product. Unfortunately, I have seen many product backlogs that were too big and too detailed to effectively communicate product decisions and guide product delivery. In this video, I share my top three tips to help you avoid this mistake and take full advantage of the product backlog.

Length: 2:39

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Supercharge Your Product Roadmap

Learn how to create a product roadmap that helps you maximise value, aligns the stakeholders and the development teams, and directs product delivery.

Length: 5:37

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What Exactly is a Product Strategy?

Find out what a product strategy is, what information it should provide, how you can maximise the chances that it will result in a successful product, and how you can keep it relevant and up to date.

Length: 5:23

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Product Manager vs. Product Owner: What's the Difference?

Learn about the differences and similarities between the product manager and the product owner role. Find out why the product owner role was introduced, how it is often misunderstood, and how the product owner in Scrum differs from the one in SAFe.

Length: 6:20

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How to Create a Powerful Product Vision

The product vision can be a powerful tool to inspire and align the stakeholders and development team members. But not all visions I have seen were effective. In this video, I show you how to create a great vision for your product, a vision that is inspiring, shared, ethical, concise, ambitious, and enduring.

Length: 4:00

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5 User Story Tips You Must Know

User stories are a popular technique to describe product functionality. But telling effective stories can be hard. In this video, I share my five top tips to help you create great user stories that capture the right product functionality.

Length: 6:44

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Selected Talks and Interviews

Turning a Product Strategy into Action

A conversation on product strategy with Magnus Billgren and David Pereira on the Productbeats show in January 2023

Length: 23:25

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Product Strategy Done Right

Video of Roman's talk on product strategy at the Product Elevation conference in Dublin in November 2022.

Length: 1:03:32

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Collaborative Product Roadmapping

A conversation on product roadmaps with plenty of roadmapping tips, November 2022

Length: 48:43

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OKRs in Product Management

Online talk at ProductTank Stockholm in May 2021

Length: 21:41

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How to Lead in Product Management: Dealing with Difficult Stakeholders

Talk at INDUSTRY Europe Dublin in March 2020

Length: 23:21

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Product Management Tools and Templates

Introduction to my Product Strategy Model

In this video, I introduce the product strategy framework that I have developed and described in my book Strategize. I explain how the vision, product strategy, product roadmap, and product backlog relate, and how my two tools, the product vision board and GO product roadmap, help you capture strategic decisions.

Length: 8:30

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Product Vision Board

Introduction to the Product Vision Board with tips for capturing a compelling vision and effective product strategy.

Length: 6:59

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GO Product Roadmap

Introduction to the GO Product Roadmap with tips for creating an actionable, goal-oriented roadmap.

Length: 5:04

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Persona Template

Introduction to the Roman’s persona template with tips for creating effective user models.

Length: 14:57

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Product Canvas

Introduction to Roman’s Product Canvas with tips for creating UX-rich products.

Length: 14:56

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