Product Strategy and Roadmap

Learn how to create a winning product strategy and compelling product roadmap

This training course teaches you how to create a winning product strategy and a compelling product roadmap for digital products. You will learn how to build, validate, and update a strategy across the product life cycle, how to systematically derive the product roadmap from the strategy, keep it up to date, and connect it to the product backlog. Additionally, you will learn how to manage a product portfolio and align the strategies and roadmaps of its members. It’s ideally suited for product professionals who want to strengthen their strategic skills and who work in an agile environment.

Roman teaches his courses as instructor-led workshops with a mix of lectures, discussions, hands-on exercises, and plenty of Q&A so that you can get your questions answered by him. You can find out more about Roman’s online training by visiting the Training FAQs.

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Product Strategy Creation

The elements of an effective product strategy and the Product Vision Board

Value proposition, market segmentation, and product differentiation

Business strategy vs product strategy

Stakeholder collaboration and strategy creation

Product Discovery and Strategy Validation

Product discovery vs. development

Risk-driven strategy validation: process, people, and techniques

Tips for managing the validation work

Agile Product Roadmaps

Creating actionable, outcome-based product roadmaps: Leveraging goal-oriented roadmaps and the GO roadmap template

Determining the right roadmap content including product goals, dates, and features

Connecting the product roadmap to the product strategy, the product backlog, and the release plan

Understanding cost and feasibility

KPIs and Strategy & Roadmap Reviews

Choosing the right KPIs and metrics to measure product performance

Using collaborative product strategy and roadmap workshops to review and adjust the two plans

Carrying out continuous product discovery and strategy work

Product Life Cycle and Product Strategy

Achieving product-market fit (PMF)

Sustaining product growth

Using a mature product as a “cash cow”

Managing a declining product

Product Portfolios and Platforms

Product portfolios, product lines, and product families

Software platforms

Product portfolio roadmaps

Balanced product portfolios

Product Strategy and Ownership

Ownership of and accountability of strategic product decisions: Who is in charge of the product strategy and the roadmap?

Involving different product roles in strategic decision when working on a large product or in a scaled environment

The role of stakeholders and line managers in shaping strategic product decisions


A fantastic course with excellent tools to build on!

− Elise Morgan, Head of Product at Just Eat

Roman’s product strategy course is probably one of the most valuable courses that I’ve ever attended. The unique and dynamic structure of the course really aided my own learning and allowed me to apply my previous knowledge in a practical way right from the beginning. I cannot commend Roman highly enough. His courses are a must-attend for anyone wanting to improve their product owner knowledge and skills.

− Seth Rubin, Head of Product at Webgains

I really enjoyed the Roman’s training course. My head is now full of product vision, product roadmap, product lifecycle, and portfolio planning. I can’t recommend Roman highly enough.

− Ian Roddis, Lead Product Manager, NHS

Brilliant and inspiring training course. Exceptional online delivery!

− Imran Kadri, Senior Digital Services Manager at OCR

I attended Roman’s course years ago, and I still use his teachings whenever we are planning our strategy and products. I’ve had a copy of Strategize several times but my colleagues keep borrowing it! Surely the best testimonial you can get?

− David Gibson, Product Manager/Product Owner for DSP Operating Systems

Prep Work

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Is this Course Right for You?

This course is aimed at product managers, Scrum product owners, product executives, and others in charge of digital products or product teams who want to improve their ability to create effective product strategies and product roadmaps. You should have a sound understanding of key product management concepts and techniques, and you should be familiar with an agile framework like Scrum. If you are not sure if the course is right for you, then please contact Roman.