About Roman

Roman Pichler is a leading Agile Product Management and Scrum expert. He has more than 10 years experience in training and coaching product owners and product managers, and in helping companies apply agile practices to achieve business success. Roman is the author of “Agile Product Management with Scrum”; he has created several powerful product management and UX tools; and he writes a popular blog for product people. To see how Roman can help you, please have a look at his training courses and onsite workshops, or contact him.

Written by Roman Pichler at 1:25 pm.


  • Roman is a great Scrum expert and trainer – I noted this when I had my own Scrum training with him, as well from the reactions I got after the training for my colleagues and managers I organized with him. What I really love is his book on Scrum – in German – you can give it to anybody and he will understand the basic principles and can start to apply it.

  • As a growing company that has worked with agile software development for some years, we still need to improve our development process and business practices. Roman Pichler has significantly helped us with this. Roman has a broad and deep knowledge of agile product management and Scrum, and a lot of experiences in applying the theory in the real world. He also has the ability to communicate his recommendations in a simple and pragmatic way. Consequently, we have been able to understand our challenges and how we can improve straight away.

  • Roman is an expert on lean and agile methods. Romans teaching skills are great, his knowledge is deep and his dedication towards Product Owner makes him a perfect trainer who understands how to get the message to the students. I highly recommend Roman both as a Scrum trainer and as a Scrum/Lean consultant.

  • Roman is a great Agile practitioner. He has a wealth of theory and experience in Agile and Lean and has the ability to apply this with great results. Roman also has strong integrity which is demonstrated in his method of working. I found him to always give good consistent advice. On a personal level he’s a great guy to work with.

  • I hired Roman to help implement Agile into our organisation having previously worked with him at Capital One. Roman provided a full range of training and consultation from Executive level through to technical performers and helped illustrate how Agile can really benefit companies such as TDX where flexibility and TTM are paramount. Would highly recommend him to any organisation large or small that is struggling with their delivery.