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When should Product Backlog Refinement Take Place?

A refined product backlog facilitates the development of a successful product: It incorporates new insights and learning, and it provides items that are ready to be implemented. But when should you work on the backlog? Before the new sprint starts or afterwards? And how can you decide which option is appropriate? In this post, I discuss four options with their benefits and drawbacks to help you make the right choice.

The Product Backlog Refinement Steps

Refining the product backlog helps you make the right product decisions and get the product backlog ready for the next sprint. In this post, I show how you successfully refine your product backlog in five steps.

Refining the Product Backlog

Product backlog refinement or grooming plays an important part of creating and updating a product in an agile context. Done correctly, it helps you develop a successful product, a product that benefits the customers and users and the organisation developing it. This post shares my tips on how to best refine the product backlog.