Roman’s Product Management Videos

Building a Product Users Want

Keynote at Agile Prague 2018.

Agile Product Roadmaps

Talk on product roadmaps at Agile Munich 2017.

Product Strategy

Talk on product strategy that covers innovation and the product lifecycle, and strategy validation.

Product Strategy and Product Success

In this video, Roman explains how you can shape, formulate, and test your product strategy

UX and Scrum

This talk helps you understand how you can successfully combine UX and Scrum to create digital products with a great user experience.

Product Planning in a Nutshell

Roman talks about product planning in an agile environment at Google Campus EDU London on 11 April 2014.

Product Vision Board Tutorial

Introduction to the Product Vision Board with tips for capturing a compelling vision and effective product strategy.

GO Product Roadmap Tutorial

Introduction to the GO Product Roadmap with tips for creating an actionable, goal-oriented roadmap.

Product Canvas Tutorial

Introduction to Roman’s Product Canvas with tips for creating UX-rich products.

Persona Template Tutorial

Introduction to the Roman’s persona template with tips for creating effective user models.