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The Product Scorecard

A product scorecard is an important product management tool. While most scorecards focus on financial and customer key performance indicators (KPIs), Roman’s template provides you with a complete picture.

It displays product, process, and people KPIs in addition to financial and customer indicators. This increases the chances of making the right strategic product decisions and achieving success.

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You can learn more about working with the product scorecard by attending Roman’s Product Strategy and Roadmap training course. The course puts product scorecards in context and shows you how to use them successfully.

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Roman’s book Strategize: Product Strategy and Product Roadmap Practices for the Digital Age features the product scorecard template and provides more information on working with KPIs and metrics. You can buy the book on Amazon. ​

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Read Roman’s articles related to the Product Scorecard to better understand how to use the tool.​

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