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What is a Digital Product?

As product professionals, we create a product strategy and product roadmap; we manage the product backlog; we release minimum viable products and product increments; and we are responsible for achieving product success. But what is a product? While it might seem a trivial question, it is surprisingly hard to answer for many organisations. But a poor understanding of this fundamental concept can lead to unclear roles and responsibilities and result in ineffective product management practices. This article offers my definition of what a digital product is and how it differs from features, components, projects, and the user experience.

10 Tips for Writing Good User Stories

User stories are probably the most popular agile technique to capture product functionality: Working with user stories is easy. But telling effective stories can be hard. The following ten tips help you create good stories.

The Agile Product Owner Responsibilities

In theory, the product owner’s responsibilities are simple: The individual should maximise the value the product creates according to the Scrum Guide. But what does this mean in practice? In reality, the application of the product owner role varies greatly, as products and organisations differ. But my experience shows that there are two key factors that determine the duties of a product owner: the scope and the depth of ownership. This blog post discusses these two factors to help you apply the role successfully.

User Stories are Not Enough for a Great User Experience

Creating a product with a great user experience requires more than just user stories. While capturing the product functionality is important, the user journeys, the visual design, and the nonfunctional properties have to be described too. Stories should be complemented with other techniques including scenarios, storyboards, and design sketches.

The Product Canvas Creation Workshop

The Product Canvas is a simple, yet powerful tool that helps you create a product with a great user experience and the right features. This post explains how you can create your initial canvas using a collaborative workshop.

User Story Modelling

User stories are great at capturing product functionality in isolation. But they are not well suited to describe the relationship between different features and capture user journeys and workflows. This blog posts shows how context and activity diagrams can be successfully used to model interactions in user story context.

What is Agile Product Management?

Find out how agile product management differs from traditional approaches. This post summarises the key differences between old-school and agile product management.