Product Owner Master Class

Take your product ownership practice to the next level

You are a Scrum product owner and you want to take your product ownership practice to the next level? Then this master class is for you.

Unlike a traditional training course, this product owner master class does not cover a fixed, pre-defined agenda. Instead, it is built on the specific issues that you want to see addressed. Attending it will offer you the unique opportunity to receive Roman’s advice on how to best address your biggest product ownership challenge, be it suffering from a lack of empowerment, working with a development team that fails to deliver, having to deal with stakeholders who tell you what to do, or lacking an effective Scrum Master. Additionally, you will benefit from learning advanced product ownership techniques that help you solve your challenge and improve your work.

Roman teaches this master class as an online workshop with no more than ten attendees. This ensures that the class is highly interactive and engaging, and that there is enough time to answer your questions and address your specific challenge. To find out more about Roman’s online training approach, please visit the online training page.

Upcoming Classes

November 24, 2020 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm

November 25, 2020 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Online , in English, Time zone: GMT / UTC (GMT+0)



The topics below show the types of challenges that are likely to be addressed in the master class. The specific agenda for each class is based on the questions and challenges the attendees would like to see addressed.

Product Owner Role Challenges

Partial product ownership and empowerment, scaling issues, lack of a qualified and dedicated Scrum Master.

Development Team Issues

Lack of collaboration and commitment; low productivity; failure to engage in product backlog refinement and to consistently deliver.

Stakeholder Challenges

Lack of buy-in and cooperation, stakeholders dictating features, stakeholders don’t participate in product discovery and sprint reviews.

Product Culture and Agile Process Challenges

Project thinking, unstable teams, ineffective team setup, no product management group/product ownership community, lack of collaboration across departmental boundaries, lack of established product management process, no or ineffective product discovery

Career Progression Questions

Finding time to hone existing capabilities and learning new skills, taking on a bigger product, becoming a head of product, growing a product management team.


If you haven’t taken the opportunity to attend a session with Roman, do it! Totally engaging, thought provoking, and relevant. I can’t recommend Roman highly enough.

− Rob Singleton, Head of Product Delivery at Blue Prism

Roman’s ability to answer my questions and give guidance on my current challenges was invaluable.

− Scott Sheehan, Product Owner at d.velop


Format and Class Size

The product owner master class takes place as an interactive workshop where the challenges each participant has prepared are discussed and advice and feedback are offered by Roman and the other attendees; where Roman teaches concepts and techniques that help address the challenges; and where groupwork is used for exercises and small group discussions. We aim to limit the class size to ten participants.


To participate in this master class, you must have worked as a Scrum product owner for at least one year, and you should have attended a product owner or product management training in the past, for example, a CSPO or PSPO course.

Additionally, you will need a good Internet connection and a computer with a webcam and a microphone, like a laptop or tablet. You will also have to be able to join a Zoom meeting, use the chat feature, and mute and unmute yourself. You will have to be able to add cards to a Trello board, adjust them, and move them between columns.

Finally, you will need to carry out the prep work described below.

Prep Work

As the master class focuses on the specific problems the attendees want to see addressed, you are required to share your issue with Roman no later than two weeks before the start of the class. You don’t have to share any confidential details, of course. But you should state, at least in general terms, what your main challenge is, how long you have faced it, who is involved in it, for instance, the dev team, a senior stakeholder, or the Scrum Master, and what you have done to address it. Please email the description to


You can pay by credit card or by invoice. If you have any questions, please contact


We offer a 50% discount on the regular price to charities and early stage startups, or if you are currently unemployed or having financial difficulties. We also offer a 20% group discount when more than two people from the same company attend. Please contact to request a discount.

Is this Course Right for You?

This course is aimed at product managers, product owners, product executives, and others in charge of digital products or product teams. It assumes that you already have an understanding of key product management concepts and techniques.

If you are not sure if the course is right for you, take Roman’s Product Management Test or contact him.

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