Product Owner MasterClass

Successfully Discover and Deliver Products with Scrum

This training course teaches you to successfully discover and deliver great products with Scrum. This includes understanding the relationship between Scrum and product discovery, collecting user feedback, guiding development teams and aligning stakeholders, scaling the product owner role, systematically connecting the product backlog to strategic objectives, and proactively managing the development effort.

Roman delivers master class as instructor-led workshops with a mix of lectures, discussions, hands-on exercises, and plenty of Q&A. This will allow you to get your questions answered by him and benefit from his 20 years experience in teaching and coaching Scrum product owners. Additionally, you will be able to transfer theory into practice during the course and apply the learnings to your own work.

Please see below for a detailed agenda and student testimonials. You can find out more about Roman’s training approach, payment options, and discounts by visiting the Training FAQs.

If you would like this course to be taught for your company or if you have any questions related to the course, please get in touch.

Upcoming Classes

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Understanding Scrum's Role in Product Innovation

  • Understand how Scrum can help you execute the product strategy, discover the right features and UX, and deliver a product that fulfils its strategic objectives.
  • Apply Scrum at the right stages of the product life cycle to maximise value creation.
  • Be clear on the product strategy work that is required to successfully apply Scrum.

Getting the Product Owner Role Right

  • Understand the role’s authority and empowerment, its responsibilities and duties, as well as desirable capabilities.
  • Distinguish different ownership levels including product, feature, component, and portfolio.
  • Be clear on the distinction between a Scrum product owner and a product manager and the product owner in SAFe.
  • Address Scrum Master challenges including a Scrum Master role that is vacant and a Scrum Master who is not able to do an effective job.
  • Successfully guide and work with the development team; empower the team and hold people accountable for meeting shared goals.

Forming Effective Product Teams in Scrum

  • Understand why you need product teams in addition to Scrum teams, how you can successfully set them up, and why they benefit from being stable, autonomous, and empowered.
  • Find the right development representatives to be part of the product team.
  • Include the Scrum Master can boost collaboration and facilitate participatory decision-making.
  • Effectively influence and collaborate with the stakeholders.

Effectively Scaling the Product Owner Role

  • How to choose the right point in time to scale.
  • How to minimise and remove dependencies to facilitate scaling.
  • How to best share product ownership and collaborate with a group of product people.
  • How to choose the right team topology and effectively set up the development.

Connecting the Product Backlog to Strategic Outcomes and Objectives

  • Understand the relationship between OKRs and the product backlog.
  • Effectively use product goals to direct, focus, and stock the product backlog even in a scaled environment.
  • Get the relationship between the product backlog and the product roadmap right; choose the right roadmapping approach and format to support an agile way of working.
  • Choose the product backlog size and level of detail that is right for your product and select the right prioritisation techniques.
  • Get the relationship between user journeys and the product backlog right

Determining the Right Features and User Experience

  • Understand how to best engage with users and customers in Scrum.
  • Move beyond product demos; choose the right methods to validate product increments and gather user feedback and data.
  • Effectively analyse the feedback and data, derive new insights, and update the product backlog.
  • Keep the product backlog and the product roadmap in synch.

Successfully Guiding Development Teams

  • Leverage the sprint planning meeting: Use shared and actionable sprint goals that direct the work of the development team.
  • Effectively apply the sprint review meeting: Understand progress, gather feedback from stakeholders, and align the individuals.
  • Successfully deal with an underperforming development team.
  • Involve the development team in product discovery and product backlog refinement work.

Proactively Managing the Delivery Effort

  • Improve your ability to track and forecast the development progress.
  • Maximise the chances of meeting the agreed product goal on time and on budget.
  • Update and align the stakeholders.
  • Keep the release plan and the product roadmap in synch.

Advancing Your Product Career

  • Understand which career paths and options are available to you.
  • Learn which skills you need to take the next career step.
  • Understand how you can apply sustainable pace to stay healthy and productive.


Learn from the best is my main decision criterion when I choose a trainer. Roman Pichler’s product owner course is as amazingly inspiring as his books are. Thank you, Roman, for the experience.

− Anna Starikova, Organizational Consultant at agiledrive

Thank you so much for your time and teaching. I have certainly learnt a lot on the course and I am excited to put it into practice!

− Jannat Ara, Vice President Product Management, Group Compliance at HSBC

Roman’s product owner training is probably one of the most valuable courses that I’ve ever attended. The unique and dynamic structure of the course really aided my own learning and allowed me to apply my previous knowledge in a practical way right from the beginning. I cannot commend Roman highly enough and his courses are a “must-attend” for anyone wanting to improve their product owner knowledge and skills.

− Seth Rubin, Head of Product at Webgains

Roman’s product owner course was extremely well run and provided a great deal of value to me even though I had already been working as a product owner for a few years. The level of expertise Roman has was invaluable in both improving my skills and inspiring myself and the other people on the course. I highly recommend it.

− Dan Searle, Senior Project Manager at Nationwide Building Society


Attending this masterclass does not result in a Scrum product owner certification like CSPO or PSPO. But it can help you gain a certification, for example, by helping you prepare for the Professional Scrum Product Owner Certification assessments.

More Information

Please visit the Training FAQs for more information on payment by invoice, discounts, class format and size, refund policy, and other training-related topics.

Is this Course Right for You?

You will benefit from taking the training course if you want to get better at practising product ownership and delivering value or if you want to prepare for taking on the product owner role and have some experience working in product management.

You will also benefit from the training if you work as a head of product and you want to better support and guide the product owners on your team; if you lead a digital transformation and you want to better understand what effective product ownership looks like; and if you coach product owners and want to improve your ability to guide the individuals.

If you are unsure or have more questions, please take a look at the Training FAQs or contact Roman.

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