Certified Scrum Product Owner

Learn How to Be a Successful Scrum Product Owner

Learn from a leading product ownership expert how to effectively apply the Scrum product owner role and how to successfully manage your products with Scrum. With more than 15 years’ experience in teaching Scrum product owners, Roman knows exactly what the individuals need to know to succeed in their jobs.

This course is ideally suited for practicing Scrum product owners who want to deepen their knowledge and improve their practice, as well as for individuals who want to prepare for taking on the role of a Scrum product owner.

Roman teaches his courses as instructor-led workshops with a mix of lectures, discussions, hands-on exercises, and plenty of Q&A so that you can get your questions answered by him. You can find out more about Roman’s online training by visiting the Training FAQs.

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Scrum and Product Management

Product innovation and Scrum

Scrum and product discovery

Scrum and the product life cycle

The Scrum Product Owner Role

Correctly applying the Scrum product owner role: authority and responsibility, empowerment, and desirable skills

Guiding the development team and collaborating with the Scrum Master

Working with the users and customers and engaging the business stakeholders

Scaling the product owner role including feature owners, component owners, and product owner team

Scrum product owner vs. product manager and SAFe product owner

The Product Backlog

Effectively using product goals to direct and focus the product backlog

Getting relationship between the product backlog and the product roadmap right

Selecting the right product backlog size and level of detail

Choosing the right prioritisation techniques

Getting the high-priority items ready for the next sprint

Sprint Meetings and Dev Team Collaboration

Leveraging the sprint planning: Working with shared and actionable sprint goals that are connected to a product goal to direct the work of the development team

Effectively applying the sprint review meeting: Understanding progress and effectively gathering feedback from the stakeholders

Tips for guiding the development team during the sprint

Solution Validation and Product Backlog Refinement

Choosing the right techniques to validate the product increment and gather user feedback and data

Analysing the feedback and making the right product decisions

Collaboratively working on the product backlog and refining its items

Release Planning

Understanding the Scrum release planning techniques

Determining cost and delivery date

Using the release burndown chart to track and forecast the development progress

Release planning and product roadmapping

User Stories in Scrum

What user stories are and what they are not; strengths and limitations

Epics vs. detailed user stories

Tips for successfully working with user stories in Scrum


Roman’s Scrum Certified Product Owner course was extremely well run and provided a great deal of value to me even though I had already been working as a Product Owner for a couple of years. The level of expertise Roman has was invaluable in both improving my Scrum skills and inspiring myself and the other people taking the course. I highly recommend it.

− Dan Searle, Senior Project Manager at Nationwide Building Society

Roman teaches a very engaging CSPO course with a good mix of interaction and presentation. He is obviously very experienced and knowledgeable–a real authority. I’ve enjoyed and benefitted from the course a lot.

− Yvonne Anderson, Managing Director

Thank you so much for your time and teaching. I have certainly learnt a lot in the course and excited to put it in practice!

− Jannat Ara , Vice President Product Management, Group Compliance at HSBC

Roman’s Product Owner course is probably one of the most valuable courses that I’ve ever attended. The unique and dynamic structure of the course really aided my own learning and allowed me to apply my previous knowledge in a practical way right from the beginning. I cannot commend Roman highly enough and his courses are a “must-attend” for anyone wanting to improve their product owner knowledge and skills.

− Seth Rubin, Head of Product at Webgains


After the successful completion of the course, you will be recognised as a Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO). The certification includes a two-year membership with the Scrum Alliance. For more information on the certification, please visit the Scrum Alliance CSPO page.

Prep Work

The following materials will help you prepare for the course:

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Is this Course Right for You?

You will benefit from the course if you work as a Scrum product owner and you want to improve your practice. You will also find the training helpful if you are about to start working as a Scrum product owner and you want to prepare for the new role.

You will also benefit from the course if you work as a head of product and want to improve your ability to support and guide the Scrum product owners working on your team or if you lead a digital transformation and want to better understand how the product owner role should be applied.