Product Strategy and Product Roadmap with Roman Pichler

This training course teaches you how to create a winning product strategy and an agile product roadmap for digital products. Strategy and roadmap are important tools: The product strategy states how you intend to achieve product success; the product roadmap describes how the product is likely to grow.

The workshop is ideal for product managers, product owners, product executives, and entrepreneurs who would like to understand how a product strategy and a product roadmap are effectively used in an agile, dynamic business context.

Course Dates

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15 HatfieldsLondon, United Kingdom

Feb 1st - Feb 2nd

15 Hatfields, London, SE1 8DJ, United Kingdom

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15 HatfieldsLondon, United Kingdom

May 16th - May 17th

15 Hatfields, London, SE1 8DJ, United Kingdom

Roman’s product strategy course was the most valuable professional training I have participated in for quite a while. Very insightful, practical, thought provoking and relevant to becoming an effective product owner. Highly recommended!

Wolfgang Hilpert, Head of Software at AGT International


Vision and Product Strategy

  • Creating an inspiring vision that guides people
  • The elements of an effective product strategy and the Product Vision Board
  • Product lifecycle and product strategy: lifecycle objectives and strategic goals
  • Value proposition, market segmentation, and product differentiation
  • Business goals, key performance indicators (KPIs), and the product scorecard
  • Market research, strategy validation, and minimum viable products (MVPs)
  • Unbundling, bundling, variants, and platforms
  • Strategy reviews and updates including pivot vs. persevere

Agile Product Roadmaps

  • Benefits and common mistakes of product roadmaps; agile product roadmapping challenges
  • The product roadmap, the product backlog, and the release plan
  • Goal-oriented product roadmaps and the GO roadmap template
  • Selecting the right contents and the right level of detail
  • Determining dates and cost
  • Product roadmap reviews and updates
  • Collaborative roadmapping workshops
  • Portfolio management and roadmaps



Product managers, product owners, marketers, entrepreneurs, and product executives.

Start and End Times

The course starts at 9:00 and finishes at 17:00 on the first day. It starts at 9:00 and finishes at 16:30 on the second day.

Format and Class Size

The training course is taught as an instructor-led workshop with an appropriate mix of lecture, discussion and hands-on exercises. Please dress casually. We aim to limit the class size to 25 attendees.

Prerequisites and Prep Work

As a participant, you should have a working knowledge of product management. To benefit as much as possible from the course, we strongly recommend that you prepare by:


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