Product Management Test

Test your product management knowledge to become an even better product professional! 

Completing this test takes only five minutes of your time. Simply assess your current capabilities by clicking on the appropriate number. 0 means that you have no knowledge or ability; 1 means that your knowledge or ability is weak; 2 says that you have some ability; and 3 means that you are fully capable. Don’t worry if there are areas where you have little or no knowledge. Product management is a complex discipline that takes time to master.

  • 1 Leadership

    Can you formulate an inspiring vision for your product?
    Do you effectively engage the stakeholders of your product? Are your stakeholders aligned?
    Do people support key product decisions? Do you select the most helpful decision-making approach for a given situation?
    Can you effectively communicate product goals and progress? Do you actively listen with the intent to understand?
  • 2 Product Lifecycle and Innovation

    Do you know which innovation type your product represents, e.g., disruptive or sustaining?
    Do you know the life cycle stage your product is in? Do you have data to back up your view?
    Can you describe the impact of the life cycle on product goals, pricing, and marketing strategy?
    Can you explain what it takes (or did take) for your product to achieve product-market fit?
    Do you use the right KPIs to track the performance of your product?
  • 3 Product Strategy and Market Research

    Can you describe the segmentation approach you have chosen for your product? Are you confident that it’s right?
    Do you have a clear strategy for your product? Can you describe it succinctly?
    Can you identify the key risks or hypotheses in your product strategy? Can you choose the right research and validation techniques to address them?
    Do you collect and analyse user and financial data to make product decisions?
  • 4 Business Model and Financials

    Can you clearly state the business benefits your product should provide?
    Can you describe the business model of your product?
    Do you know what a business case is and how to create it?
  • 5 Product Roadmapping

    Do you work with a product roadmap that effectively communicates how your product is likely to grow?
    Do you regularly review, adjust, and change your product roadmap?
    Do you know what a go-to-market strategy is and how to select an appropriate one for a given product?
  • 6 UX and the Product Backlog

    Do you employ personas to describe the users and customers of your product?
    Can you describe how users interact with your product? Do you create effective user stories? Do you capture non-functional requirements?
    Can you state the prioritisation technique(s) you use to order the product backlog? Can you explain why you have chosen the technique(s)?
    Do you validate the user experience and features of your product? Do know how to choose the most appropriate validation technique?
    Do you effectively change (groom / refine) the product backlog to incorporate new insights and make the right product decisions?
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