Sprint Goal Template

Working with sprint goals is a powerful practice. They define the reason for carrying out a sprint, and they provide a shared objective. Unfortunately, many product owners and agile teams either don’t use sprint goals or apply them ineffectively: Sprint goals often state the stories to be implemented rather than the reason for undertaking the iteration.

This template helps you formulate great sprint goals by answering the following questions: Why do you carry out the sprint? How are you going to reach its goal? And how do you know that the goal has been met?

Download the template now and revitalise your sprints!


You can learn more about using the sprint goal template by attending Roman’s Certified Scrum Product Owner training course. The course is also available for onsite delivery. Please contact Roman for more information.


You can find more information about sprint goals and sprint planning in Roman’s book “Agile Product Management with Scrum“.

Sprint goals were first described in Ken Schwaber’s and Mike Beedle’s book “Agile Software Development with Scrum”.


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