Persona Template

Persona Template

Personas are a powerful technique to capture our knowledge about the users and customers of a product. But some persona descriptions are too detailed and bloated; others lack important information. Roman’s persona template is simple yet effective: It helps product managers and product owners create powerful personas that contain the right information; and it is optimised for Lean Startup and Scrum, where starting with provisional personas is often the right approach.

The template captures the persona’s picture and name; the persona’s details including demographics, lifestyle, and job-related information; and the persona’s goal: the benefits to be achieved or the problems to be solved, and the reason why the persona would want to use or purchase the product.


I discuss personas in Strategize: Product Strategy and Product Roadmap Practices for the Digital Age. While the discussion is brief, it puts personas in the context of developing a winning strategy.



You can find more information on personas in the following articles:

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