How to Lead in Product Management: Dealing with Difficult Stakeholders

Talk at INDUSTRY Europe Dublin in March 2020

Length: 23:21

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Building a Product Users Want

Keynote from Agile Prague 2018.

Length: 47:49

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Agile Product Roadmaps

Talk on product roadmaps at Agile Munich 2017.

Length: 34:55

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Product Strategy

Talk on product strategy at Productized 2015 in Lisbon.

Length: 36:00

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UX & Scrum

Talk at UX Oxford in September 2014.

Length: 45:03

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Product Vision Board

Introduction to the Product Vision Board with tips for capturing a compelling vision and effective product strategy.

Length: 14:57

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Go Product Roadmap

Introduction to the GO Product Roadmap with tips for creating an actionable, goal-oriented roadmap.

Length: 12:02

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Product Canvas

Introduction to Roman’s Product Canvas with tips for creating UX-rich products.

Length: 14:56

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Persona Template

Introduction to the Roman’s persona template with tips for creating effective user models.

Length: 14:57

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