Interviews with Roman

Product Leaders: Combine Empathy with Tech on "Product Momentum"

Published April 2020.

Product Leaders: Combine Empathy with Tech

Conversations, Conflict and Leadership on "The Product Experience"

Published April 2020.

Conversations, Conflict and Leadership – Roman Pichler on The Product Experience

How to Lead in Product Management on "The Product Coach Podcast"

  • Listening practices
  • Dealing with really difficult situations
  • Leading without transactional power
  • Working with Scrum Masters

Published March 2020.

Leading Means Listening on "Happiness at Work"

  • Leadership, empathy, and listening
  • Why it’s so important to take time to reflect and break away from the stress of life in order to be truly happy.

Published February 2020.

To Manage is to Care on "Being Human"

  • Why caring for others is at the heart of product management.
  • The importance of adapting leadership style for different contexts.
  • Why failing can ehe helpful.
  • Why mindfulness and meditation are at the core of his approach.

Published August 2019.

Exploring Product Strategy Success Factors on "This Is HDC"

  • Product Vision Board and user needs
  • Product owner vs. product manager
  • Designers and agile development teams
  • Empathy, collaboration, and conflict resolution

Published May 2019.

Product Strategy and Roadmap on "Stories Connecting Dots"

  • What is a product strategy?
  • Ways to work on product strategy in the context of new products.
  • Working on existing, more mature products.
  • How to work with product roadmaps.

Published March 2018.

Product Roles and Leadership on "Yours Productly"

  • Product manager vs. product owner
  • Leadership Styles
  • Decision-making
  • Mindfulness

Published in 2017.

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