Podcast Interviews with Roman

In addition to hosting his own podcast, Roman regularly joins others for discussions about product management. Below are a selection of these conversations.

Drive the Best Outcomes Through your Product Roadmap

Roman discusses product roadmap topics with the Product Led Alliance, including shifting away from the traditional feature-based roadmaps and the power of using outcome-based, goal-oriented roadmaps.

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The Value of Product Goals on Mastering Agility

Roman discusses with Sander Dur how product goals including how they relate to other goals like the product vision and sprint goals.

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ProductHood Conversations on Becoming a Better Product Leader

Roman discusses how to become a better product leader with Lokesh Gupta.

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Combining Empathy with Tech

Roman joins Sean and Paul for a behind-the-scenes deep dive into the role the softer skills–specifically, empathy–play in effective software product management.

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Conversations, Conflict and Leadership on "The Product Experience"

Throughout their careers, whatever question either Lily or Randy has had, Roman’s probably had some great advice on the topic! Lily and Randy grabbed Roman for a chat focusing on some of the lessons contained in his book How to Lead in Product Management.

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How to Lead in Product Management on "The Product Coach Podcast"

In this podcast Roman discusses how to deal with really difficult situations, and should product people learn more about how to negotiate? How to deal with leadership when you don’t have direct authority, what the best way is to work with Scrum Master and how to learn more about other leadership skills are needed as product leaders.

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Leading Means Listening on "Happiness at Work"

Listening is an undervalued skill, yet one that’s imperative if we’re going to create strong relationships based on trust. In his new book, How to Lead in Product Management, Roman talks leadership, empathy, listening and why it’s so important to take time to reflect and break away from the stress of life in order to be truly happy.

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Exploring Product Strategy Success Factors on "This Is HDC"

Roman caught up with  Gerry Scullion of Bringing Design Closer to discuss agile methodologies and product management.

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Product Strategy and Roadmap on "Stories Connecting Dots"

Roman discusses product strategy, product roadmaps, and his book Strategize with Markus Andrezak of ueberprodukt.de.

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Product Roles and Leadership on "Yours Productly"

Roman Pichler joins Yours Productly to discuss product management roles, leadership styles, mindfulness, decision-making, and stakeholder management.

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