Product Leadership Support

An effective product management organisation is the prerequisite for sustained product success. Roman engages with senior management and product leaders to build a great product management group by assessing the organisation’s product management capabilities, advising the leaders, and inspiring the product people.

Product Management Assessment

Roman’s product management assessment is a great way to understand the effectiveness of your product management group. It determines your organisation’s product management maturity, identifies strengths and weaknesses, and identifies actionable improvement measures.

Here are some questions that the assessment addresses:

  • Who makes product decisions? Who manages the portfolio and who owns the product strategy?
  • Which product management skills do the product people currently have, and which learning and development measures will really benefit them?
  • What does the innovation process look like? How is an idea turned into a shippable product? How effectively are agile techniques applied?
  • What tools and templates are used? To which extent are they standardised?

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Consulting and Coaching for Product Leaders

Roman offers ongoing consulting and coaching for product management leaders to help the individuals strengthen their leadership skills and help continuously improve the organisation’s product management capabilities. This includes reviewing the product portfolio, decision-making processes, learning and development plans, job descriptions, and organisational setup.

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Inspirational Talks on Product Management

If you want your product management group to benefit from Roman’s insights, then invite him to give an inspirational talk that addresses specific challenges you are facing and offers a fresh perspective.

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