Leadership Coaching and Consulting

Roman offers coaching for product leaders. He helps the individuals develop a capable and empowered product management organisation. This includes improving the product management tools and processes, product roles and responsibilities, learning and development plans, and offering advice on specific product management challenges. Roman offers his coaching services onsite and online, using a tool like Zoom in the latter case.

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Product Management Health Check

A healthy product management organisation is the prerequisite for sustained product success. Roman’s product management health check is a great way to understand how effective your product management group is and how you can help it perform even better. The health check delivers a set of actionable and prioritised improvement measures that can be implemented straight away. It covers the following topics:

  • Roles, responsibilities, and skill levels,
  • Product management processes, including product discovery, product strategising, product roadmapping, and product backlog management,
  • Tools and artefacts used, such as, product vision and strategy, KPIs, product roadmap, product backlog, and user stories, and
  • The level of ownership and empowerment product people.
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