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Combining Lean Startup and Scrum: Product Discovery and Development

Can Lean Startup and Scrum be combined? And if so, how do they fit together? This post shares my answers for blending the two models, and it maps out a high-level process for product discovery and product development.

Tips for an Effective Product Demo

This article provides ten practical tips on how to use the product demo to collect helpful user feedback, test your ideas, and improve the product.

Creating Effective Sprint Goals

Working with a sprint goal is a powerful agile practice. This post helps you understand what sprint goals are, why they matter, how to write and how to track them.

Envisioning Your Product

Being able to envision what a new product or the next product version should look like and do is essential for getting there. This post discusses creating a vision and product strategy and iteratively validating the strategy to align everyone involved in the development effort and to maximise your chances of creating a successful product.