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Tips for Reducing the Product Backlog Size

It’s normal that a product backlog changes over time. But some backlogs grow too big and become overly long, detailed, and complex. Consequently, they are difficult to update, prioritise, and refine. The following five tips help you simplify such a backlog and reduce its size so you can manage with it more easily.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Backlog

The product backlog is an important tool: It lists the ideas and requirements necessary to create a product. But is it always the right tool to use? This post discusses the strengths of a traditional product backlog together with its limitations. It provides advice on when to use the backlog, and when other tools may be better suited.

The Minimal Marketable Product

Innovate successfully by creating a minimal marketable product, a product with just the right features. This allows you to launch quicker, reduce time-to-market, and start earning money sooner.

User Story Modelling

User stories are great at capturing product functionality in isolation. But they are not well suited to describe the relationship between different features and capture user journeys and workflows. This blog posts shows how context and activity diagrams can be successfully used to model interactions in user story context.