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The Minimum Viable Product and the Minimal Marketable Product

The minimum viable product (MVP) and the minimal marketable product (MMP) are two powerful concepts: The MVP helps you test your ideas. The MMP enables you to launch your product faster. This post discusses both concepts together with their relationship.

The Minimal Marketable Product

Innovate successfully by creating a minimal marketable product, a product with just the right features. This allows you to launch quicker, reduce time-to-market, and start earning money sooner.

The Lean Product Backlog – Eliminate Waste

Many product backlogs are too long, detailed and complex. This is in stark contrast to what the product backlog should be: a simple artefact listing the outstanding work to bring the product to life. This blog post discusses lean techniques to make the backlog concise and focussed by eliminating waste.

Creating Products that Customers Love

We all want to create great products–products that customers love and that meet or exceed our financial goals. But the odds of failure are high: an estimated 25% to 45% of new products fail. This post discusses three practices that I have found helpful to create successful products with Scrum: shared product vision, a focused product, and early and frequent customer feedback.