User Stories

The Definition of Ready in Scrum

16 Dec 2010 3 min read

“Ready are you? What know you of ready?” says Yoda to Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars movie “The Empire Strikes Back”. Just as it’s important for Luke to understand what “ready” means, so is it for product owners. Luckily, you don’t have to become a Jedi to find out. Reading this post will be enough.

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Refining User Stories

18 Aug 2010 2 min read

User stories come in different shapes and sizes. Large stories, also called epics, allow quickly sketching product functionality, which is handy for scoping a major release. But it means that larger stories have to be eventually refined and broken down into smaller, detailed ones, which the development team can implement. This post shares some tips to help you systematically refine your user stories.

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User Stories or Use Cases?

11 May 2010 2 min read

User stories and use cases are both powerful techniques to capture requirements. But which one is right for you? This post shares my recommendations.

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