User Stories

User Story Reflections

1 Feb 2017 4 min read

User stories are a simple, straightforward tool. But successfully applying them can be surprisingly hard. This post offers four refections to help you improve your user story practice.

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10 Tips for Writing Good User Stories

24 Mar 2016 5 min read

User stories are probably the most popular agile technique to capture product functionality: Working with user stories is easy. But telling effective stories can be hard. The following ten tips help you create good stories.

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Why User Stories Fail

22 Oct 2015 2 min read

User stories are a powerful agile technique to describe requirements from the perspective of the customers and users. Unfortunately, I find it not uncommon that user stories are applied unsuccessfully and fail. This post describes two common failure causes and discusses how you can avoid them.

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From Personas to User Stories

13 Aug 2014 4 min read

User stories are a powerful technique to capture the product functionality from the perspective of a user or customer. But how do we discover the right stories? When should they be written and how detailed should they be? Read this post to find out my answers to these questions.

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User Stories are Not Enough for a Great User Experience

5 Nov 2013 3 min read

Creating a product with a great user experience requires more than just user stories. While capturing the product functionality is important, the user journeys, the visual design, and the nonfunctional properties have to be described too. Stories should be complemented with other techniques including scenarios, storyboards, and design sketches.

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5 Common User Story Mistakes

12 Jun 2013 3 min read

User stories are a simple, yet effective way to communicate how a user or customer employs a product. But writing user stories that help a team build great software can be challenging. The post shares five common user story mistakes and how to overcome them.

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Nonfunctional Requirements

13 Mar 2013 3 min read

This post discusses nonfunctional requirements such as performance, robustness, and interoperability, and the Ford Shelby Mustang GT500.

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Epics and Ready Stories

7 Nov 2012 5 min read

This post explains how to write user stories at the right level of detail, and how to derive small, ready stories from big, coarse-grained epics.

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User Story Modelling

22 Jun 2011 3 min read

User stories are great at capturing product functionality in isolation. But they are not well suited to describe the relationship between different features and capture user journeys and workflows. This blog posts shows how context and activity diagrams can be successfully used to model interactions in user story context.

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The Definition of Ready in Scrum

16 Dec 2010 3 min read

“Ready are you? What know you of ready?” says Yoda to Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars movie “The Empire Strikes Back”. Just as it’s important for Luke to understand what “ready” means, so is it for product owners. Luckily, you don’t have to become a Jedi to find out. Reading this post will be enough.

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