User Experience (UX)

A Simple Persona Template

3 May 2012 3 min read

Personas are a great way to capture our knowledge about the users and customers and their needs. But writing effective personas and providing enough but not too much information can be challenging. This blog post introduce a simple yet powerful template that helps you write great personas.

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Agile User Interface Design

20 Mar 2012 4 min read

The role of design still puzzles many agile teams I work with. When should the design activities take place? Who should carry them out? How are design decisions best captured? This blog tries to answer the questions by discussing a user-centric, iterative, and collaborative design process for Scruma and Kanban teams.

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Focus on the User, not the Product!

7 Mar 2012 2 min read

Getting lost in the product details and struggling to decide if a feature should be implemented is a common challenge for product owners. This post helps you focus on what really counts: creating value for the people using the product and the organisation developing it.

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