Writing Great User Stories with Roman Pichler

User stories are a popular agile technique to describe product functionality and capture requirements: It’s quick and easy to write a story. But writing the right user stories in the right way can be hard. This hands-on training course teaches you what you need to know to write great stories and take your story writing to the next level.

Benefit from Roman’s experience of teaching user stories to product owners, product managers, and business analysts, and attend this instructor-led, interactive workshop with plenty of practical exercises that allow you to try out the techniques and tools covered.

Course Dates


Users, Personas and Stories

  • Users come first: Creating personas to describe users and customers with their characteristics, behaviours, and goals
  • Persona tips and tricks
  • Discovering the right user stories: systematically deriving stories from persona goals

Creating Great User Stories

  • The qualities of great user stories
  • Writing stories at the right level: epics vs. detailed stories
  • Choosing the right story structure and template
  • Techniques for progressively refining user stories and getting them “ready”
  • Getting the acceptance criteria right
  • User story refinement and product backlog “grooming”
  • Avoiding common user story mistakes
  • Visualising user stories with the Product Canvas

User Stories and User Experience (UX)

  • Describing complex user interactions with user story models and story maps
  • Capturing nonfunctional requirements like robustness and performance as stories
  • User interface (UI) design and user stories



Product owners, product managers, UX designers, business analysts, project managers, and tech leads.


You can pay by credit card or by invoice.  If you have any questions, please contact training@romanpichler.com.


We offer a 50% discount on the regular price to charities and start-ups. Please contact training@romanpichler.com.


You should have a working knowledge of an agile method like Scrum or Kanban and should have been involved in user-story writing.


The training course is taught as an instructor-led workshop with an appropriate mix of lecture, discussion and hands-on exercises.  The training materials are developed by Roman and are exclusively used by him.  We aim to limit the number of attendees to 20