The Product Vision Board

The Product Vision Board


The Product Vision Board

Get this simple yet powerful tool to capture your vision and product strategy. Ideal for Customer Discovery, problem validation, and market research.


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The Product Vision Board is a great tool to describe and visualise your product vision and your product strategy. It helps you capture and validate your ideas about the target group, the user needs, the key product features, and the value created for the company developing the product. The extended version of the Vision Board also allows you to capture key elements of your business model including the competitors, revenue sources, cost factors, and channels. The board works seamlessly with Lean Startup and Scrum. Download the template now, and join thousands of other product managers and product owners who already use the Vision Board!


“The Product Vision Board does not only help build the product, but it also greatly benefits the marketing and sales functions, when you need to prepare for a pitch, and develop your marketing messages,” says Amanda Fong of Planbox.


You can learn more about using the Vision Board by attending Roman’s Agile Product Strategy training course. The course is also available onsite delivery and as a virtual training course. Please contact Roman for more information.

Online Tutorial

The following slide deck explains what the Product Vision board is, and how you can used it:


The video below explains what the Vision Board is, how to use it, and how it fits into an agile product planning approach.


You can find more information on the Vision Board in the following articles:

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Market Segmentation Tips helps you choose the right target group.

Stattys Vision Board Poster

You can order a Vision Board poster (107 x 71 cm) from Stattys. Its large size makes it easier to work on the Vision Board collaboratively, and to visualise your ideas and insights using adhesive notes. To order the poster please click here.

Google Drive Template

If you are looking for an electronic Vision Board, try Jolien Coenraets’ Google Drive template.