The Product Canvas

The Product Canvas


The Product Canvas

A must-have tool to create a product with a great user experience and the right features. Combines Agile and UX. Designed for Lean Startup, Lean UX, and Scrum.


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The Product Canvas helps you create a product with a great user experience and the right features. It combines Agile and UX by complementing user stories with personas, storyboards, scenarios, design sketches and other UX artefacts. The canvas replaces a traditional product backlog. It’s designed for Lean Startup, Lean UX, Business Model Generation, and Scrum.

Download the template now, and join over two thousand product managers, product owners and UX designers who already use the Product Canvas!

We like @romanpichler ‘s Product Canvas tool for creating feature-rich & UX-friendly products #leanstartup #agile
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To learn how to effectively use the Product Canvas attend Roman’s Agile UX Workshop. The workshop is also available for onsite delivery and as a virtual training course. Please contact Roman for more information.

Online Tutorial

The following tutorial explains what the Product Canvas is, and how you can use it:


The video below explains what the Product Canvas is and how it helps create the right user experience (UX).

Electronic Tools

There are several electronic Product Canavs tools available including Jolien Coenraets’ Google Drive template, the BMFiddle Product Canvas, the ProdPad, and the Canvas Model Design iPad app.

More Information

You can learn more about the Product Canvas by reading the following articles:

The Product Canvas provides an overview of the canvas, explains its sections, its relationship to the Business Model Canvas, and electronic canvas tools. It also provides links to posts that discuss its techniques in more detail.

The Product Canvas Creation Workshop provides useful tips on how to create your initial product canvas.

New Product Development with Lean Startup and Scrum shows the role of the Product Canvas in a lean innovation process.