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Focus on the User, not the Product!

Wed 7th March 2012

Getting lost in the product details and struggling to decide if a feature should be implemented is a common challenge for product owners. This post helps you focus on what really counts: creating value for the people using the product and the organisation developing it.

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Two Common Ways to Apply the Product Owner Role

Tue 25th October 2011

Applying the¬†product owner role can be challenging, as no two products are the same. While products and projects vary, I have found two common ways to employ the role: Asking the customer or a customer proxy such as a product manager to take on the […]

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10 Tips for Writing Good User Stories

User stories are probably the most popular agile technique to capture product functionality: Working with user stories is easy. But writing good stories can be hard. The following ten tips help you create good stories.

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