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Succeeding with Innovation and Maintenance

Innovating existing products is a common challenge for many enterprises: New features are developed to enter a new market segment, to increase the market share, or to catch up with the competition. But while the product is being updated, small improvements and bug fixes have to be made to maintain the current version. This post shares my thoughts on balancing the innovation and maintenance work.

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Effective Sprint Goals

Working with a sprint goal is a powerful agile practice. This post helps you understand what sprint goals are, why they matter, how to write and how to track them.

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User Story Modelling

Wed 22nd June 2011

User stories are great at capturing product functionality in isolation. But they are not well suited to describe the interactions between different features and to describe workflows. This blog posts shows how context and activity diagrams can used successfully to complement individual stories.

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The Product Backlog Board

Are you struggling with your product backlog? Then try Roman’s Product Backlog Board, a structured hierarchical product backlog that helps make sure you have ready items, capture non-functional requirements, and integrate your requirement models.

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Roman’s Top Ten Product Backlog Tips

Using the product backlog can be challenging, and many product owners wrestle with overly long and detailed backlogs. This blog post provides ten tips that help you work with your product backlog effectively.

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