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The Minimum Viable Product and the Minimal Marketable Product

The minimum viable product (MVP) is a powerful concept that allows you to test your ideas. It is not to be confused with the minimal marketable product (MMP), the product with the smallest feature set that still addresses the user needs and creates the right user experience. The MVP helps you acquire the relevant knowledge and address key risks; the MMP reduces time-to-market and enables you to launch your product faster. This post discusses both concepts, and it shows how you can use the minimum viable product to create a minimal marketable one.

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The Product Backlog as a Learning Tool

Leverage the power of customer feedback, and use your product backlog as a learning tool. Discover the right product features and take advantage of emerging requirements by integrating customer a feedback into the backlog early and frequently.

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The Scrum Startup

The blog posts explains how to setting up a Scrum team as an incubator in an established enterprise helps create a new product, and to pilot an agile way of working.

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Prioritising the Product Backlog

Fri 18th June 2010

This blog posts explores four useful factors to prioritize the product backlog: value; risk and uncertainty; releasability; and dependencies.

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Creating Products that Customers Love

Wed 24th March 2010

Find out about three key practices to create great products with Scrum: shared product vision, minimal marketable product, and early and frequent customer feedback.

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