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The Highlander Principle

Wed 8th February 2012

This blog post discusses why it is important to put a single product owner in charge of a product and how this enables fast decision-making, learning, and delivery.

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Choosing the Right Agile Pilot Project

Fri 1st April 2011

“Which project is best suited to pilot Agile?” is a question I get regularly asked. This blog post discusses the following six criteria that help you select the right agile pilot project: small, important, independent, collocated, software only, and new product development.

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The Definition of Ready in Scrum

Thu 16th December 2010

High-priority product backlog items must be ready to be transformed into working software. Find out what does “ready” means and benefit from Yoda’s advice.

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Scaling the Product Owner

Mon 25th January 2010

This post discusses scaling the product owner role and describes the chief product owner – the product owner in charge of a complex product developed by a large Scrum project.

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