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Working with the GO Product Roadmap

The GO product roadmap is a new, goal-oriented product planning tool developed to fit into a Lean Startup, Business Model Generation and Scrum context. By focusing on goals, the roadmap shifts the conversation from debating features to establishing shared objectives. This post explains how you can use the GO product roadmap effectively. It discusses its relationship with the Vision Board and Business Model Canvas; it describes how the roadmap is created; it shows how it relates to the Product Canvas/backlog; and it explains how pivoting works with the roadmap.

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The Release Planning Workshop

Determining the launch date and the budget before development starts can be tricky in an agile context. This blog post shows how to determine the launch date and the budget before the first sprint using a collaborative release planning workshop.

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The Scrum Product Owner Role on One Page

The product owner is a key role in Scrum. But many organisations struggle to effectively apply it. This post wants to help you get it right by providing a concise overview of what it means to be the product owner.

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