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By Roman Pichler, 26th March 2010

Check out the first picture of my new book “Agile Product Management with Scrum: Creating Products that Customers Love.” The book is now in stock at!

book Agile Product Management with Scrum

This copy of my new book Agile Product Management with Scrum arrived a few days ago on my desk fresh off the press. Needless to say, seeing the final product after two years of hard work was very exciting, and I was well chuffed!

But I could not have written the book without the support of many people. Two played a particularly important role: Mike Cohn acted as my shepherd patiently reading and re-reading chapters as they evolved. My wife Melissa Pichler did not only provide feedback and encouragement on sections and chapters as they emerged but also gave me the time and space to write the book.

Many thanks to everyone else who helped with the book by reviewing chapters or by sharing information (in alphabetical order): Lyssa Adkins, Geir Amsjø, Markus Andrezak, Gabrielle Benefield, Robert Bogetti, Thomke Buhl, Marty Cagan, Sabine Canditt, John Clifford, Alistair Cockburn, Jens Coldeway, Kaustabh Debbarman, Pete Deemer, Chris Fry, Steve Greene, Roland Hanbury, Kevlin Henney, Ben Hogan, Clinton Keith, Andreas Klinger, Hans-Peter Korn, Jochen Krebs, Craig Larman, Bill Li, Lowell Lindstrom, Catherine Louis, Rodrigo Luna, Artem Marchenko, Jason Martinez, Ralph Miarka, Philip Missler, Bent Myllerup, Jeff Patton, Tobias Pichler, Brett Queener, Cesário Ramos, Dan Rawsthorne, Simon Roberts, Stefan Roock, Rene Rosendahl, Johanna Rothman, Kenneth Rubin, Martin Rusnak, Hans-Peter Samios, Bob Schatz, Andreas Schliep, Ken Schwaber, Christa Schwanninger, Karl Scotland, Martin Shaw, Lisa Shoop, James Siddle, Michele Sliger, Preston Smith, Dieter Stefanowitz, Jeff Sutherland, Mads Troels Hansen, Bas Vodde, Geoff Watts, Harvey Wheaton, Rüdiger Wolf, Elizabeth Woodward, and Lv Yi.

The book is available now at! It should just be a matter of days before the book is on sale in Europe.


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6 comments on “New Book — First Look

  1. Terry Eaton

    Congratulations on finally seeing your work realized.

    • Roman Pichler

      Thanks, Terry!

  2. Markus Andrezak

    Hi Roman,

    I also got my hands on a copy of the book today. Congrats! It really looks great in print. I hope you can enjoy some days of vacation now 🙂

    I just hope the best for the book!

    All the best


    • Roman Pichler

      Thanks Markus. Glad you like the book. The team at Addison-Wesley did a great job to turn my manuscript into a real product 😉

  3. Mike Cohn

    Congratulations, Roman. I’m anxiously looking forward to getting my hands on a copy.

    • Roman Pichler

      Thanks, Mike.

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