Product Vision


8 Tips for Creating A Compelling Product Vision

Creating and managing a successful product requires a lot of time and energy. In order to be fully committed, you have to be convinced that what you are doing is right and have a clear vision of where to take your product. This post shares eight tips to help you create an effective product vision that inspires the development team and the stakeholders.

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The Product Vision Board

The vision plays an important role in bringing a new product to life: It acts as the overarching goal guiding everyone involved in the development effort. Equally important is the product strategy, the path chosen to attain the vision. Without a shared vision and strategy, people are likely to pull in different directions, and the chances of creating a great product are rather slim. While vision and strategy are key, describing them can be challenging. This post introduces the Vision Board, a tool that makes it easy to capture your vision and product strategy.

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How much Visioning is Necessary in Scrum?

Discover how much work is necessary in Scrum to envision the product and start the first sprint.

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Envisioning your Product

Being able to envision what a new product or the next product version should look like and do is essential for getting there. Unfortunately, Scrum provides little advice what information a product vision should contain. This post helps you create powerful visions that guide and galvanise the Scrum team and the stakeholders.

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