Agile Product Management Tools


A Template for Formulating Great Sprint Goals

Working with sprint goals is a powerful practice. But many product owners and teams don’t leverage sprint goals or don’t apply them correctly: Sprint goals often state the stories to be implemented rather than the reason for undertaking the iteration. That’s rather unfortunate: Effective sprint goals serve to test ideas, to deliver features, and to foster teamwork. This post introduces a sprint goal template to help you write powerful sprint goals to build great products.

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The GO Product Roadmap – a New Agile Product Management Tool

Product roadmaps are an important product management tool. But applying them effectively can be challenging. Roadmaps are too often focused on features, and product managers spend too much time getting the stakeholders to agree on when which features will be developed. This post introduces a new roadmap: the GO product roadmap, a goal-oriented agile roadmap that combines goals and features in a novel way.

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Sample Storyboard

Agile Scenarios and Storyboards

Find out how scenarios and storyboards can be effectively used in an agile context complement, and how they relate to user stories.

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Product Canvas Tutorial

Slide deck that explains what the Product Canvas is, how to create it, and how to update it to develop new products and product updates.

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Working with the Product Vision Board

Learn how to use the Product Vision Board to capture your new product idea, and start testing your assumptions. The tool is an ideal fit for agile and Lean Startup teams.

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The Product Canvas

The Product Canvas is a simple, yet powerful agile tool that helps you create a product with a great user experience and the right features. It combines Agile and UX by complementing user stories with personas, storyboards, scenarios, design sketches and other UX artefacts. It’s designed to work with Scrum, Lean Startup, and Business Model Generation. The canvas supports Lean UX by combining user centred-design and agile techniques.

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Working with an Agile Product Roadmap

This blog post discusses what an agile product roadmap is. It covers the information a agile roadmap should contain, the benefits it provides, when it makes sense to employ a roadmap, how the product roadmap and the product backlog relate, and who should own the product roadmap.

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